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Harmonize Your Horse For Superior Performance!


When Scott Boken and Matt Shairer developed the ‘Harmonize’ project, they were the same as any other horse enthusiast. They hated the idea of seeing such beautiful animals suffering needlessly and decided to do something about it. Years later and Harmonize was created, a nutritional supplement that can harmonize your horse for superior performance!

About Harmonize

The scientific formula in Harmonize nutritional supplements was created by Scott, a professional animal nutritionist, and his best friend and colleague Matt, an equine veterinarian, to handle common digestive issues that each of them dealt with on a regular basis. By combining their professional skills, they were able to develop a healthy way to address equine digestive health.

A Word from Our Customers

Julie’s horse, Diamond, had been having some severe digestive trouble. Although she was feeding him other supplements, Diamond’s pain didn’t go away completely and he began lashing out. She had a lot of questions and wanted to make sure that Harmonize was the right move for her horses’ health.

After trying Harmonize, here’s what she had to say,

NOW after feeding him Harmonize for just a short time, I’ve ridden him twice with absolutely no kicking out, no acting like it hurts, no going sideways, he even wants to trot. I can’t thank you enough for making Harmonize and for everything you’ve done to help me and Diamond.

C.L. from Colorado reported her horse having severe gastric ulcers. Once the problems got bad enough, she decided to turn to Harmonize.

It is such an amazing supplement and I am really happy with the results…I began to notice improvements within the first three weeks. After only one week of being on Harmonize, my horse’s overall health had improved drastically; he had more energy…


These two equine owners and many more like them have seen the amazing benefits of Harmonize food supplements.



The Benefits of Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health!

Still not sure that Harmonize supplements are right for your horse’s digestive health?

Consider these benefits:

  • Improves presence of gut flora in the stomach
  • Eliminates harmful toxins
  • Helps feed to digest properly
  • Improves overall health and well-being
  • Better performance
  • Reduces effects of harmful digestive disorders
  • Focuses on several digestive issues rather than just one

Ready to Saddle Up For Savings? Here’s How!


Harmonize is now offering a bundle of savings in the form of

2 buckets of Harmonize Nutritional Feed Supplement

PLUS 1 Harmonize No-Fly-Zone Feed

No Fly Zone for your horse

When you buy these bundle, you’ll get to use the 25% heaping discount at your checkout.

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Buying Harmonize is worth the price for the health and happiness of your equine alone, but consider this! An estimated 90% of horses at any age can get gastric ulcers or other gastrointestinal issues, particularly if they’re highly active.

With these savings, you can ensure your animal’s health as well as save your wallet the strain of costly veterinary bills which can range in thousands.  But hurry! With summer competitions coming up, active horses are at a higher risk for these digestive issues and this special offer at Harmonize won’t be available for long!

I decided to try the horse supplement he sells. I got a bucket of Harmonize a couple of weeks ago and canceled the several supplements I have been using–it was the same price, so what could it hurt? My mare is the strangest horse I have owned in 60 years–doesn’t care if she eats or not, hard to keep looking good, and exhibits many strange of habits. Since starting the Harmonize, she has eaten every bite of her feed without walking off and leaving it for hours and even calls to me when it is time to feed. She seems to be plumping up a bit as well. So, Dr. Matt, you are right! Harmonize is amazing.

Bert Wright

One client of mine “Sandman” is a big muscular draft cross gelding. As you know many of our big boys have big appetites too. He developed an ulcer issue with his stomach. We discussed the use of medications for treating ulcers but as you know, these can be quite expensive. We put Sandman on Harmonize and took him off grain all together. The owner was convinced that he would just waste away to nothing without his grain. It turns out he has been off grain for almost a year and a half and he has NEVER looked better. His is muscular, in great shape, his coat shines and he has energy like never before. Another Harmonize success story!

Dr. Matthew Schairer

After starting Harmonize and yet another round of sulfa treatment, we successfully discontinued sulfa treatment and Whitey Bob has remained remarkably symptom free without antibiotic treatment. After a significant amount of time with this condition, (over a year) Whitey Bob is gradually shrinking her chronically damaged udder! Probiotics in Harmonize have proven in multiple species to clear mastitis, infectious disorders and enhance overall immune function.

Tina Houck

Harmonize ensures my horses not only feel good; but that they will be at peak performance. When I use Harmonize I have no worries about the digestive health of my horses.


After only one week of being on Harmonize, my horse’s overall health had improved drastically; he had more energy and sudden weather changes didn’t seem to affect his feed intake anymore.